Canada's Involvement in World War II




At the outbreak of the Second World War, Canada was still a very important part of the British Empire, and was unequivocally expected to join in the Empire's war effort.  Instead of declaring war on Germany on September 3rd, 1939, the Canadian government waited a full week before declaring war on the German nation.  This was the first of many "nation-building" experiences for Canadians in the war period. 


                            Canadian Casualties in World War II - Major Campaigns

Campaign Wounded Prisoners Killed Total
Hong Kong 493 347 203 1043
Dieppe 514 1946 907 3367
Sicily 664 84 5900 25264
(D-Day only)
359 1074
Rhineland 5304 ?



Cemeteries much like the one shown are common throughout Europe.  Many Canadian soldiers were killed in action in Europe, and their bodies were buried there.       



Facts about Canada's involvement:




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