Thanks for visiting the new Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club website!

Our club has a monthly newsletter that will be sent out to members via email. You can view past newsletters here.

The Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club also does a lot of communicating on our Facebook page! You can request to join if you've paid your membership fee.

Our Vision

As the University of Alberta Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club, we strive to:

  • Provide opportunities for students who are interested in veterinary medicine and/or animal health to unite, communicate and support one another.
  • Expose students to the various disciplines of veterinary medicine and/or animal health and provide various opportunities, help and encouragement to students wishing to gain experience and knowledge in these areas.
  • Familiarize students with the entry requirements of veterinary medicine programs (specifically the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine) by organizing information sessions and coordinating university visitations and tours.
  • We host various events throughout the year that allow pre-veterinary medicine and animal health students to network with industry representatives, acquire valuable animal and professional experience, and gain exposure to some of the more unique facets of the animal health industry. If you share a similar passion for animals and would like to join our club, feel free to contact us! We would love to have you with us.


  • Club cards are available for pick up in our office.
  • T-shirts are in! You can buy a club t-shirt during general meetings or office hours. They are $15 and feature our club logo in white and turquoise.

  • Want to join?

    The Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club is open to any student at the University of Alberta that has an interest in the field of veterinary medicine, animal health, or animal science. The club has a $10 membership fee which can be paid in the office during office hours or at any general meeting. Once the fee has been received, you will be added to our email list, given access to the club Facebook page, and given access to Bears Den.

    Event Calendar

    You can also view our office hours.