Henry Marshall Tory Endowed Research Chair and Professor Sociology,

City-Region Studies Centre, Faculty of Extension,

University of Alberta Edmonton Canada.

Contact: rshields (one word) -at- ualberta -dot- ca


Founder and Co-Editor, Space and Culture: International Journal of Social Spaces and Curb Magazine.

The Henry Marshall Tory Chair is named for the first President of the University 1908-1929, first President of the National Research Council of Canada 1928-1935, and first President of Carleton College 1942-1947, now Carleton University, where I also studied and taught.


Recent Talk


I am offering lectures and seminars on Spaces of Concern, Public Space and Scientific Insight at the nanoscale, topologies of public space and urban culture as City of Vienna Visiting Professor, SKuOR Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna Austria March-August 2014.


Next seminar at University of Alberta: "Cities and Suburbs" Soc403 / Soc503 Jan-Apr. 2015


Calendar of events and engagements.



Rob Shields

CURB Magazine for planners   Space and Culture   Spatial Questions 2013



Curriculum Vitae – Projects, publications, teaching, supervision and media coverage. Overview of my past work in Work of Arts (2005).


Ongoing work: Nanotechnology, community and innovation ecologies; New Spaces of Concern at nano and global scales; Nano-objects; Urban Vitures; City Regions in Prospect; Cities and Universities; Strip-Appeal for Communities; Black Vaticans - Spatialisations of alternative cultural capitals; Hurricane cities of the Caribbean; Flow Collected Papers; Visualicities etc.


Podcasts of my recent talks and video interviews of past speakers including Distinguished Visiting Scholars - Ann Game, Proboscis, Thomas Gieryn, Ken Hillis. See also CRSC link above for Regional Planning Speakers Series talks by Jennifer Keesmat, Clement Greenberg, Doug Olson, David Wolfe, Candace Vanin, Clement Demers, Ellen Dunham Jones, Jarret Walker, Michael Ronkin, Jan Gehl, Peter Clewes, Peter Newman, Anthony King, Jaime Lerner, Len Rodrigues, Randall Crane, Raymond Côté, John Loxley and many others.


Salvador soundscape; Mashup by M. Vallee .mp3

Blois - les saisons video mashup: Download HD .mov or SD .mp4


Research Keywords Strip-malls and suburban retail. Building Tomorrow: Innovation in construction and engineering, The Virtual suburbanism, architecture, urban culture, cultural theory, topology, Lifestyle Shopping: The Subject of Consumption, retail environments, Places on the Margin, Spatial Questions - social spatializations and cultural topologies, Ecologies of Affect, Cultures of Internet and cyberspace, organizational regulatory cultures, the North and sovereignty, arctic urbanization, the work of Henri Lefebvre, cultures, What is a City? New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Social Spaces: Tourism, Ethics.


Demystifying Deleuze Rereading Jean François Lyotard Strip-Appeal What is a City Places on the Margin Lefebvre Love & Struggle Cultures of Internet Lifestyle Shopping Building Tomorrow Ecologies of AffectThe Virtual