University of Alberta Observatory

Department of Physics
Sky Scan Outreach Program for Grades 6 and 9

Astronomy is a science that easily captures the imagination of children and can serve as a gateway to help a child develop interests in all areas of science. Our goal is to encourage active learning through exploration of topics set by the Alberta curriculum guidelines. In particular, we can help you meet the learning goals of Unit C Sky Science in Science 6 and Unit E Space Exploration in Science 9.

We are happy to travel to any school in the greater Edmonton region (within about 100 km). Home school groups and youth groups (such as Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, etc) are also welcome.


Astronomer in the Classroom: Request an astronomer to visit your class. We have fun activities and presentations that will help your students understand the concepts in Grade 6 Sky Science or Grade 9 Space Exploration Science. This visit is free of charge.

Visit the University of Alberta's Observatory: Give your students a chance to look through telescopes! Your class can visit either during the daytime (to view the Sun) or the evening. There is no charge for this field trip, however you are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation to the University.

Host a solar observing session at your school: An astronomer will visit your school with a telescope fitted with a solar filter allowing your students to have a safe view of the Sun.

Request a Sky Scan Program by filling out our request form.

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