1. CONSULTANT to PEMEX (Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico): “Enhanced Oil Recovery Workshop for Heavy and Extra-Heavy Oil Fields in the Campeche Basin,” Dec. 12-14, 2012 (through a three-day workshop).

  2. CONSULTANT to Occidental Petroleum Corporation - Occidental Mukhaizna LLC, Oman: “Steam and Solvent Injection Potential of Carbonate Zones of the Mukhaizna Field,” Aug. 2012 - Aug. 2013.

  3. CONSULTANT to HUSKY Energy (Calgary, AB): “Saleski Pilot Plans,” June 5-6, 2012 (through a two-day workshop).

  4. RESEARCH CONSULTANT to Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP): “Metodologías y herramientas de caracterización de yacimientos naturalmente fracturados y areno- arcillosos, altamente heterogéneos con difusión lenta” sponsored by SENER-CONACYT Hydrocarbon Funding, Sept. 2011-Sept. 2014.

  5. CONSULTANT to Stream Oil and Gas Ltd. (Calgary, AB): “Characterization of the Gorisht Oil Field and Its EOR Potential,” April 1, 2010 – April 1, 2011.

  6. CONSULTANT to APEX Eng. (Edmonton, AB, Canada): To provide advice and expertise regarding in-situ oil recovery from tar and shale sands, Jan. 2006 – present.

  7. CONSULTANT to LNG Energy Ltd. (Calgary, AB): “Kuru #2 Well Test Analysis and The Gas Potential of the Kuru Field, Papua New Guinea,” April 25, 2008 – May 14, 2008.

  8. CONSULTANT to Schlumberger DBR (Edmonton, AB): “Evaluation of Interfacial Tension of Heavy Oils,” May 1, 2007 – July 11, 2007.

  9. CONSULTANT to Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), Production Group (Ankara, Turkey): “Improvement of Bati Raman Oil Recovery Performance,” Nov. 2006 – May 2008.

  10. CONSULTANT and Member of Petroleum Advisory Board to Cheetah Oil & Gas Inc. (Penticton, B.C., Canada): To provide advice and expertise regarding the Company's petroleum exploration prospects, June 2004 – Present.

  11. CONSULTANT to Scotia Petroleum Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: “Review of the Oil Potential in Sepik and License 246 Areas, Papua New Guinea” August 2003 – December 2003.

  12. CONSULTANT to the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Oman: “Technical Assessment of Oman Oil Fields” January 1999 – August 2002.

          Fields evaluated:
    • Marmul Oil Field,
    • Fahud – Natih E Oil Field,
    • Yibal Oil Field,
    • Al-Huwaisah Oil Field,
    • Fahud – Natih A-F Oil Field,
    • Qarn Alam Oil Field.

  13. CONSULTANT to Oman Oil Company (OOC): “Technical Review of Dunga Oil Field” September 2000 – December 2000.

  14. INDUSTRY ADVISER to PetroInternational (Global Resource Base and Consultancy), Irvine, CA. 2000 – 2002.


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