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Take a trip down digital memory lane at the University of Alberta . . .

The links above show the steady advance of campus computing technology in research, learning and administration. Starting over forty years ago in 1957, when the University acquired its first rudimentary computer, technology evolution has been constant. Today we're at the point where our researchers are using a 40 processor supercomputer for virtual experiments. Our students are learning and collaborating electronically with peers and professors.

With hindsight, we can sagely see the transitory computing paradigms and products that have come and gone; the remorseless waves of development leading to the birth of new technologies that encompass and empower. But one wonders . . . how will campus computing look forty years in the future?

If you have ideas about how computing will look on campus twenty or forty years down the line, you can share your thoughts with the community. Please send your prognostications and musings to the HyperDispatch Editor for inclusion in the next issue.

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