X-ray Imaging Photoelectron Spectrometer Axis Ultra (Kratos Analytical)

The Axis Ultra Spectrometer was installed in April 2004.


Main features:

  • UHV chamber with a movable (3 translations and one rotation) stage
  • Hemispherical analyzer and mirror for XPS spectroscopy and imaging. To find out how the imaging works you can refer to ULTRA schematic drawing. For more details you can visit the ULTRA overview pages.
  • Polarity change for Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS))
  • Separate chamber for Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD). equipped with RF mass-analyzer (Hiden Analytical) and heating controller (Micromega). Temperatures from LN to 600 C are achievable.
  • Ion source MINIBEAM 1 installed for sputter cleaning or depth profiling
  • In-situ transfer of samples to the chambers for TPD and ToF-SIMS
  • UHV vessel with independent pumping for transfer of samples to other instruments
  • Glove box for loading of samples in a controlled environment

Sample requirements and sample holders: Please read the appropriate section for the AXIS-165 spectrometer

Location: CCIS, Rm. L2-356

  TPD chamber and analyzer
UHV transfer facility