Auger Microprobe JAMP 9500F (JEOL)

The JAMP Spectrometer was installed in November 2004.


Main features:

  • Field emission cathode
  • UHV chamber with a movable (3 translations and one rotation) stage
  • Electron optics column for SEM
  • Hemispherical analyzer for AES spectroscopy with 7 channeltron detectors
  • Ion source for depth profiling and in-situ sample cleaning. Rotary motion of the target is optional to ensure homogenious etching
  • Sample holders available:
  • - dia 12 and 20 mm for samples upto 4 mm thick

    - 120 mm wafer holder

    - cross-sectionned sample holder for up to 7 mm thickness

  • The instrument layout is illustrated in the JAMP instruments schematic drawings. For more details you can also visit the JAMP overview pages.

Location: CCIS building, Rm. L2-340/342

Examples: Please visit the AES page