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February 1, 2000

Ivan Svarnyk: John Kolasky Memorial Fellow (Winter 2000)

The recipient of the John Kolasky Memorial Fellowship for Winter 2000 was Ivan Svarnyk, Head of the Sector of Auxiliary Historical Disciplines, Central State Historical Archive in Lviv. Mr. Svarnyk is a specialist in archival and source studies, sphragistics, heraldry and genealogy. He has held various posts at the Lviv Central State Historical Archive since 1975, including junior and senior researcher, head of the Department of Old Acts, and deputy director. Ivan Svarnyk has written many articles on Ukrainian history, is a co-author of History of Ukraine (Lviv, 1996; 2nd ed., 1998), published documents on Akcja Wis¬Ľa, diaries of sixteenth- to eighteenth-century foreign travellers to Ukraine, and compiled documents for the volumes History of Lviv, Olha Basarab, and The Supreme Ruthenian Council, 1848-1851. He also translated into Ukrainian Dmytro Iavornytsky's classic three-volume study, History of the Zaporozhian Cossacks (Lviv, 1990-92).

During his stay in Canada from mid-February to early May, Ivan Svarnyk visited and worked intensively in many libraries and archives in Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton.

In Toronto, Mr. Svarnyk familiarized himself with the work of the CIUS office, including the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research and the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre. Svarnyk, as well, visited the Archives of Ontario, where he examined some of its Ukrainian Canadian holdings and toured its facilities. He also gave a lecture on "The Development of Ukrainian Heraldry," which was sponsored by CIUS, at the University of Toronto.

In Ottawa, Ivan Svarnyk collaborated closely with Myron Momryk, project archivist at the National Archives of Canada. At the archives, Mr. Svarnyk worked in the Dmytro Dontsov and Andrii Zhuk collections. In the course of his research, he brought to light documents on the participation of the renowned Lviv historian Ivan Krypiakevych in the founding of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine during World War I. During the course of his work, National Archivist Ian Wilson presented Mr. Svarnyk a microfilm copy of the Dmytro Dontsov collection for the Lviv Archive's Division of Publications. In addition to his research work, Ivan Svarnyk gave a lecture on "Ukrainian Genealogical Resources and Historical Documentation in the Lviv Archives" for the Ukrainian Genealogy Group, National Capital Region. He also visited the Mormon Centre of Family History in Ottawa.

Ivan Svarnyk spent most of his three-month stay in Canada in Edmonton, where he worked largely in the University of Alberta Library, including its division of Special Collections. In the Ivan L. Rudnytsky collection, Ivan Svarnyk brought to light biographical details of several leading Ukrainian scholars, religious and political figures, including Viacheslav Lypynsky, Denys Zubrytsky, Stepan Tomashivsky and Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky. During his work in the library, Mr Svarnyk was able to augment the bibliographies of the works of Ivan Krypiakevych and Mykola Holubets with titles of works published in the West. He also conducted research in the Mykhailo Chomiak collection at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

In Edmonton, Mr. Svarnyk gave two lectures: the first, on "The Development of Heraldry in Ukraine," was sponsored by CIUS; the second, on "Ukrainian Genealogical Resources and Historical Documentation in the Lviv Archives," was sponsored by the Alberta Genealogical Society, Edmonton Branch. Elaine Kalynchuk of the Society, who is also Co-ordinator of the Ukrainian Genealogists of Alberta, was instrumental in organizing the latter meeting. Ivan Svarnyk also spoke on heraldry and genealogy to the Ukrainian communities of Radway and Calgary. The former was organized by Father Hryhorij Fil', and the latter by Walter Rusel of the Ukrainian Genealogical and Historical Society of Canada. In Calgary, he also visited the library and archives of St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Mormon Centre of Family History. Before returning to Ukraine, Mr. Svarnyk was taken on a tour of Ukrainian pioneer settlements in the Kalyna Country Eco-museum, northeast of Edmonton, by Yars Balan, and also visited the Basilian Fathers' Museum in Mundare.

During his stay in Canada, Mr. Svarnyk was often asked questions by Ukrainian-Canadians on genealogy, family history, and archival research in Ukraine. In both public meetings and private consultations he was able to address many concerns related to these subjects.


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