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Workshop presentation

Here you can read, listen, watch, or download various materials from the Sanctuary Planning Workshop held 26 January 2008. Please note that an overall outline of what transpired at the workshop can be accessed in the second row, fourth column - "Notes (Full Worship Text, PDF)."





Planning for Sanctuary: Material from All-Day Workshop
Held at the University of Alberta, January 26, 2008

Lecture Title
MP3 Files
John-Paul Himka What Is To Be Done? Notes (Full Workshop Text, PDF)
Frances Swyripa What Has Been Done? Powerpoint
John Lehr A Geographer’s Perspective Powerpoint
Ostap Skrypnyk Why Do This?  
John Sokolowski Graveyards Notes
  Open Discussion  
Ed Ledehowski Prairie Churches in Manitoba  
Stella Hryniuk, Roman Yereniuk, Gloria Romaniuk Manitoba: A Case Study Powerpoint
  Open Discussion  
Bohdan Hrynyshyn Technical and Photographic Aspects Powerpoint
Peter Holloway and Natalie Kononenko Making Virtual Reality Tours of Ukrainian and Canadian Churches Powerpoint
  Open Discussion  
John-Paul Himka Announcements  
Marusia Petryshyn and Shawn Blais Skinner Digital Databases: Examples and Sources of Funding  
Thomas Nahachewsky Customized Databases for Church-Related Digital Photographs  
  Open Discussion  

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