ATEP is a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree (B.Ed.) program within the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. The program works toward developing a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture and perspectives on teaching and learning, in all schools, but primarily in schools where Aboriginal children are learning. Our goal is to improve the educational experiences of Aboriginal children by increasing the number of Aboriginal teachers, and teachers that choose to study in ATEP, with an understanding of Aboriginal worldviews, knowledge systems, histories, educational experiences, and ways of knowing and being.

The program has had tremendous success over the last 18 years, playing a vital and direct role in improving education for Aboriginal children in northern, northern eastern and central Alberta, through culturally appropriate teacher education. Over 95% of ATEP graduates are currently teaching, working in various leadership roles, or pursuing graduate studies.

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The on-campus elementary cohort is a 4 year Bachelor of Elementary Education degree program intended for students who have not yet entered post-secondary (you can still apply with up to 22.5 credits of post-secondary transferable coursework). The program is open to students who wish to attend classes at the main campus of the university.


This Bachelor of Elementary Education degree is expected to be completed within four years of full-time study in a primarily online format. If possible, there may be an opportunity to use a blended approach using some face-to-face teaching alongside online learning. In the first two years, students will complete a wide range of mandatory courses from areas such as Native Studies, English, Math, and Science. After completing these two years of coursework students begin teacher education courses and field placements in elementary schools, some of which must take place at schools with a high Indigenous student population.

Reliable internet connection, as well as a working computer or laptop with up-to-date software (Microsoft Office, etc.), is a must.


Two off-campus cohorts, one at Lakeland College campus in Lloydminster, and a second at Portage College campuses in Cold Lake and Lac La Biche, will start Year 3 of the Bachelor of Elementary Education in Fall 2022. Students who have successfully completed 60 credits in required post-secondary courses may be admitted as transfer students into Year 3 of an off-campus study program. After-degree students are also welcomed into ATEP.

For information about admission to current off-campus options, please contact:

Lakeland College
Visit Website: ATEP - Aboriginal Teacher Education Program
University Transfer Program
Phone: 780 871 5430

Portage College
Visit webpage: Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) Degree from the University of Alberta
Phone: 1-866-623-5551
Phone: 780-639-7109 (Cold Lake campus)
Phone: 780-623-5575 (Lac La Biche campus).