Current Students

I've forgotten my password - what do I do?

On Bear Tracks click on the forgotten password button. It's important that you remember your University of Alberta Computing ID. You will need it to register, and for all on-line communication with the U of A. You will receive an ID when you apply to the University of Alberta.

I have a financial hold - what do I do?

If there is a financial hold on your record, for example: do you have outstanding library fines, parking tickets, or do you owe money for tuition? Check the 'Financial Holds' option in the 'Personal Portfolio' menu on Bear Tracks to see if you have a hold on your record, the amount owing, and which Department you need to contact to clear the hold. Once you have cleared your hold, your record will be active and with no holds.

Are you trying to register in a section that has restricted enrolment? After you've ruled out all potential problems and you are still experiencing problems please contact your site coordinator for help.

I have lost my ONEcard - What do I do?

You can report your ONEcard lost on our website 24 hours a day. During office hours, you can contact the ONEcard Office at (780) 492-7924.

Health and Dental Plan - I want to Opt out of this program - how do I do that?

To assist students to pay for health services and dental services - your student union has a collective health plan in place. However, not all students require this plan. If you do not need this plan you must Opt Out of the plan. Go to the Health and Dental Plan site and follow the directions.