Application Fee

All applications to the University of Alberta, Office of the Registrar must be accompanied by a $115 application fee for those who have never applied to the U of A before, or $75 for those who have applied in the past.


Bear Tracks

Bear Tracks is the on-line registration and records management system for the University of Alberta. You use this system to register initially, manage your program, and access other information you need as a University of Alberta student, for example you would use to Bear Tracks to change any personal information, print tax receipts, look for financial holds on your file, etc. It is very important that you remember your CCID ID and password, and it is equally important that you do not reveal this information to anyone.



Campus Computing Identification. You will receive a CCID once you apply to the U of A. You will also receive a temporary password. Change the temporary password to one that you will not forget. Once you have this you can track your application progress.

Confirmation Deposit

Once you are accepted you will have to pay a confirmation fee ($175) to hold your seat in the program. This fee is deducted from your total tuition.



Courses are assigned a credit - either *3 (half term) or *6 (full term). Bachelor of Education degree program is 120 credits in total over four years. The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program usually offers the last two years or the last 60 credits of the entire BEd. Students who are applying must have completed close to 60 transferable credits, be in good standing (see below), and have a GPA of at least 2.0.


GPA - grade point average

GPA is Grade Point Average. This is the average of all of the marks a student earns during a particular period of study. If a student has been RTW more than once, they will not be admitted to the U of A until they have successfully completed a degree at another institution.


Letter of Acceptance

This letter comes from the Faculty of Education, as well as Aboriginal Teacher Education Program and includes any courses or requirements that you are missing that you will be required to complete before graduation.


Official and unofficial transcripts

In order for a student to be accepted in the Faculty of Education, they must request official transcripts from all of the post-secondary institutions they have attended. Official transcripts have the seal of the institution. They are never faxed, but mailed directly from the institution to the University of Alberta. We cannot request the transcripts; a student must request them. Unofficial transcripts help ATEP staff determine how close as student is to being eligible for a program. But students always need official transcripts when they are formally applying to the faculty and program.


Provisional Letter

Once your application has been received by the Registrar, ATEP Student Advisor, and ATEP Administration you will receive a provisional letter, telling you what you are missing in your application package (if anything). The Registrar will not forward your application to USS for consideration, until they have ALL OF YOUR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS. It is important to submit all documentation by the deadline (June 15th).


Registrar's Office

The Office of the Registrar is the office where you will send your official transcripts, application form, and application fee.


RTW - Required to Withdraw

A student must be in good standing to be accepted in the Faculty. If a student has been RTW, or Required to Withdraw from a post-secondary institution they will not be accepted into the U of A until they have completed 24 courses with an acceptable GPA at a different post-secondary institution.


Transferable credit

Transferable credits are those courses that the University of Alberta accepts from other post-secondary institutions - either colleges or universities. Students can bring no more than 60 credits from another institution to the University of Alberta. Transferable credits are negotiated between different post-secondary institutions and are published in the Alberta Transfer Guide. Not all courses a student takes at other colleges or universities will necessarily transfer to the Faculty of Education. ATEP student advisors are available to help students with questions of transferability.



USS stands for Undergraduate Student Services. This is the office in the Faculty of Education that manages a students' program from start (admissions) to end (graduation requirements).