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Accounting Honors

Focus of the Accounting Honors Program

The intent of the Accounting Honors program is to produce the highest quality young professionals whom we hope will become “thought leaders” in the accounting profession. In order to design the program, we have sought the advice of partners in Big-4 accounting firms to find out what they would value in new graduates. In addition to the standard requirements for the Accounting major, the Honors program requires coursework in Finance over and above that required for the Accounting major. We chose to include a significant Finance component in the program because employers have emphasized the need for professional accountants to know more Finance. Additionally, the Honors program requires students to complete two Honors seminars in accounting (Accounting 480 and Accounting 481). These seminars are available only to students enrolled in the Honors program.

In order to be eligible for admission to the Honors program, students must complete all requirements of Year Two of the BCom program, including Accounting 414, and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 on all coursework taken since admission to the Bachelor of Commerce program. Admission will be based on a combination of the student’s academic record, performance in accounting courses to date, a letter of intent, and an interview.

Please note that there is no application fee to apply to the Honors program.  However, if you are admitted to Honors and then decide to switch back to the regular BCom program, a $75 fee applies.

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Dr. Heather Wier


 Accounting Honors Program Course Requirements