Management Information Systems (MIS) Program

We teach you HOW

1. How businesses work

Our MIS program seeks to develop information systems professionals with core competence in three interrelated areas which have been woven together in the design and structure of our courses. These include:

  • the use of information technology (IT) for strategic business advantage,
  • IT architecture, and
  • social and organizational issues of IT.

2. How to solve complex business problems

Our graduates develop critical analytical skills and understanding as to how innovative technologies can be used for strategic advantage in different functional areas across a wide range of business sectors. To facilitate, MIS majors should give careful consideration to a minor in another area of interest.

3. How to bridge the gap between IT and business

Through demanding coursework they gain a good current understanding of key IT architectural issues as well as important design, development and implementation issues through the use of industrial strength software tools. Finally, special attention is placed on developing awareness and insight on social organizational issues associated with the implementation of IT in business.

4. How to have an exciting and rewarding career

MIS provides the basis for a fast-paced and exciting career. Many opportunities exist for careers with great pay and family-flexible work life balance.

MIS affects all areas of business and pairs well with all other fields.

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