Courses and Seminars

Stage 1: Courses

EAP 135

Course information and registration: EAP 135.

Stage 2: Courses and Seminars

EAP 140

Course information and registration: EAP 140.

EAP 145

Course information and registration: EAP 145.

Stage 3: BP Sections

Students who successfully complete Stage 2 of the Bridging Program will be eligible to enroll into BP3 sections of selected courses. These sections are similar to other sections of the same course but with added benefits.

Advantages of BP3 sections:
  • Smaller class size
  • Instructors who understand international students’ needs
  • In-class tutor/assistant
UAlberta courses that offer BP3 sections
Spring 2019
WRS 101
20694 A1
WRS 101
20906 A2
WRS 101
21712 A3
ENGL 102 21364  E1 
ENGL 102  22717  E3 

Fall 2019
WRS 101
72592 A1
WRS 101
72594 A2
WRS 101
72596 A3
WRS 101 72598  A4 

Winter 2020
ECON 101 92658 B4
ECON 101 92662 B5
ENGL 102 90008 G1
ENGL 102  90010 G2 
WRS 101  92604  B1 
WRS 101   62606  B2 
WRS 101   92608  B3 
WRS 101   92610  B4 
WRS 101   92612  B5 

Program Policies

For information on the EAP program policies, please visit EAP Program Policies. For information on the University of Alberta undergraduate program policies, please visit the University of Alberta Calendar.

  • These courses can be taken at any time after completing Stage 2 of the Bridging Program.

  • Please check Bear Tracks for the most up-to-date information, including course availability. Students can use the “Watch List” to monitor class availability. 
  • The BP Advisor does not manage waitlists or process enrollments. It is the students' responsibility to manage their own enrollment and scheduling.