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The English Language and Cultural Seminars are for you if:

You are interested in a condensed program to improve your English skills while experiencing Canadian culture and academics.
Customizable Programming

As the English Language and Cultural Seminars is a customizable program for groups, university and college administrators interested in sending a group of students to our program are encouraged to directly contact the English Language School to discuss details. 

We also offer several customized English language training options for government and business groups.

Please note that this program is usually restricted to students age 18 years or older. Groups of junior students must be accompanied by adult chaperones, one chaperone for every six students, and will be required to live in UAlberta campus residence rather than homestay.


There are four programming options:

ELCS integrated

Groups and individual students from a variety of language backgrounds and countries are integrated in engaging and interactive classes. Students have the opportunity to learn about Canada and the wider global community through the exploration of history, culture, diversity, sustainability, community engagement, and intercultural communication. Held at the University of Alberta downtown campus, this program includes educational field trips and cultural activities delivered through our Student Engagement Centre (SEC).

Two levels are offered: Level 1 (beginner-low intermediate); Level 2 (intermediate-advanced)

Summer 2019 − 4 week program
Tuesday, July 2 to Friday, July 26
Tuesday, August 6 to Friday, August 30

Fall 2019 − 4 week program
Tuesday, September 3 to Friday, September 27

  • Tuition: $1400, plus $150 materials fee
    This cost is for tuition only. Activities, homestay, and excursions are extra.

Cohort-Based ELCS (private, closed group classes)

Students from a single institution study together in a private class for the duration of the program. Cohort-based programs offer flexible start/end dates and are available year-round.

  • Tuition: $350 per week plus $150 materials fee (groups of 10 or more)

English for Science & Technology (EST)

English for Science and Technology (EST) is a specialized program within the ELCS program. It provides English language and communication skills to third- and fourth-year undergraduate students, as well as graduate students, who are majoring in science and engineering fields and require English language and communication strategies for working, studying and researching in academic or professional settings. The course includes authentic, academic classroom tasks that build communicative language skills, a laboratory placement in the science or engineering faculties, and visits to science-related facilities on campus and in the Edmonton area.

Please inquire for schedule, cost, and curriculum details.

English for Nursing (EFN)

English for Nursing (EFN) is a cohort-based course offered within the ELCS program. It provides undergraduate students who are majoring in nursing with the English language skills and communication strategies related to their studies and career. Students gain confidence in the areas of speaking and listening, with a focus on specialized terminology and interactions common in a nursing environment. Additionally, EFN students have an opportunity to interact with members of the Faculty of Nursing through visits to simulation labs, health institutes, and organized meetings with Canadian nursing students.

Please inquire for schedule, cost, and curriculum details.

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The English Language School is a proud key partner in supporting the University of Alberta as a multicultural institution that welcomes diversity from around the world.

In our English Language and Cultural Seminars, we combine the study of Canadian English with an introduction to contemporary Canadian topics and global citizenship. Tours throughout Alberta and out-of-class activities provide a full Canadian experience for our visiting students.