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English Language & Cultural Seminar

The English Language School is proud to be a key partner in the internationalization of the University of Alberta. We combine ESL studies with other disciplines throughout UAlberta to offer flexible, creative customized programs for our partners.

This program is for you if:

you are looking for a customized program for your university, government, or business group who wants to both improve their English skills and experience Canadian culture firsthand.


In the ELCS, students participate in English classes as well as lectures or faculty activities in their own subject area. For example:

  • Health sciences students have a chance to visit the different health groups at the University of Alberta hospital and the faculty office (pharmacy and nursing)
  • Law and business students have a mini-series of business and law lectures

These faculty activities provide students with a taste of academic study at the University of Alberta and a chance to meet with Canadian professors.

In addition to studying English in a university setting, students will participate in industry tours, home visits and museum tours. Each seminar also features a trip to the Canadian Rockies, where students can enjoy activities such as canoeing, Canadian-style barbecue, and hiking in Banff National Park.

As the English Language & Cultural Seminar is a customized group program, university and/or college administrators and professors who are interested in sending a group of students to our program are encouraged to contact the English Language School office to discuss details. We offer several customized English language training options for government and business groups as well.

Please note that ELCS programs are usually restricted to students age 18 years or older. Groups of junior students must be accompanied by adult chaperones, one chaperone for every 6 students, and will be required to live in UAlberta campus residence rather than homestay.

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