English Language School

Fundamentals of Graduate Writing

Course Overview

This course is designed for international Ph.D. students studying in STEM fields who require customized language support to refine their academic writing skills. Whenever possible, the course will run by faculty cohort as this provides a stronger focus for the class.  

At the beginning of the course, participants submit a piece of writing (up to 10 pages) from a thesis chapter, candidacy proposal or another piece of academic writing. Each participant will receive one-to-one feedback on their submitted writing. This submission also serves as a needs analysis that allows the instructor to customize instructional topics and strategies for the class.  Throughout the course, the instructor works with students’ own written drafts, as well as model writing from the field, to enable students to learn to recognize and correct their own grammatical errors.  

Course Content

While the course content is customizable to meet the needs of the individual cohort, here is a sample of the standard grammatical content for the course:

 Topic 1  Information flow
 Topic 2  Logical connectors
 Topic 3  Subordinating conjunctions
 Topic 4  Articles
 Topic 5  Verb Tenses
 Topic 6  Passive voice
 Topic 7  Hedging
 Topic 8  Relative clauses

Schedule and Fees

The course is 16 hours in total (2-hour classes offered twice a week x 4 weeks = 16 hours) at a time slot that is most convenient for the group. The course fee is $325. The first term will begin the week of September 16. For other schedules please inquire. 


Registration is completed through the English Language School. Interested parties should contact elsinfo@ualberta.ca or call at 780-492-5530.