Current schedule for ESL 105-125 courses

Program term
Placement test
Program cost
May 3 - June 20 
April 26 ($80) $2,317
July 9 - August 24 
June 29 ($80) $2,317
September 4 - October 22
August 30 ($80) $2,317
October 30 - December 17
October 26 ($80) $2,317
January 7 - February 22
January 3 ($80) $2,317
March 6 - April 24

February 28 ($80)


Before you apply

Get to know our courses

Review the ESL 105-125 course level descriptions. We will assign you into an ESL course level based on the results of your placement test.

Travel documents

You should contact your local Canadian Embassy or Consulate to find out what travel documents (if any) you will need in order to study in Canada.

Program & other fees

Program tuition amount as per the schedule table above. Students will be responsible for any additional tuition fees, textbook fees, student services fees and/or health fees related to their program (unless alternate arrangements have been agreed upon with the English Language School).

Ready to apply?

  1. The application fee is CAD$150. We accept all major credit cards. The application fee is non-refundable and is not a partial payment of tuition.

  2. Check off all the terms you are applying for. You may choose up to one full year (12 months) of study. A CAD$50 fee will apply if any changes to the terms on the Letter of Acceptance is required.

  3. Once your application is accepted you will receive a Letter of Acceptance (you will need it in support of your application for a Canadian Study Permit at your local Canadian Embassy or Consulate).

    —We will make it available for you to download in about 7 days.
    (full details in "After you apply")