Intensive Day Program Courses

We will assign you into an ESL course level based on the results of your placement test.

Beginning in September, ELS will reduce the number of Intensive Day Program (IDP) courses being offered, and the IDP program will be discontinued as of January 2019. However, all other English language programs and courses at ELS will continue as usual, including full-time English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

Due to the changing needs of our students, IDP is being phased out. To ensure that existing student cohorts complete their studies in the program, the program will be phased out in the following stages:

  • Sep-Oct 2018: ESL 105, 110, and 115 cancelled; ESL 120 and 125 will be offered
  • Nov-Dec 2018: ESL 120 cancelled; ESL 125 will be offered
  • Jan 2019 onwards: IDP closure

Current schedule for ESL 120 & 125 courses

Program term
Placement test
Program cost
May 3 - June 20 
April 26 ($80) $2,317
July 9 - August 24 
June 29 ($80) $2,317
September 4 - October 22
August 30 ($80) $2,317
October 30 - December 17
October 26 ($80) $2,317

Daily class schedule

ESL 120 & 125

Option 1

Option 2

7-week duration 8:30 am - 12:30 noon
Monday - Friday
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Course levels

ESL 120

Recognize cause/effect and compare/contrast relationships in short lectures and readings. Participate in discussions to solve problems, and give a formal organized presentation. Write paragraphs using different rhetorical patterns, and learn how to write summaries in your own words. Analyze a variety of readings to distinguish facts and opinions and make inferences.

New students are required to write the

ELS Placement Test.

ESL 125

Listen to lectures and learn how to take notes, give a presentation based on personal research, learn how to organize and write compositions, and analyze short stories and authentic texts.


ESL 120 or ELS Placement Test.