Program phase-out

Beginning in September, ELS will reduce the number of Intensive Day Program (IDP) courses being offered, and the IDP program will be discontinued as of January 2019. However, all other English language programs and courses at ELS will continue as usual, including full-time English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

Due to the changing needs of our students, IDP is being phased out. To ensure that existing student cohorts complete their studies in the program, the program will be phased out in the following stages:

  • Sep-Oct 2018: ESL 105, 110, and 115 cancelled; ESL 120 and 125 will be offered
  • Nov-Dec 2018: ESL 120 cancelled; ESL 125 will be offered
  • Jan 2019 onwards: IDP closure

Frequently asked questions:

Is my program closing? / I received an email that IDP is closing. What do I do now?

Since the IDP program is closing and the courses offered will be limited this fall, the first step for an applicant is to take our Placement Test.

This Placement Test is free and we will provide instructions and access to the test via email. Please send us an email to let us know that you are interested in taking our free Placement Test. We will advise each student of their next steps once we receive the results from their test.

Why are you closing the program?

The decision to discontinue the Intensive Day Program was made on the basis of student needs and assessments. The majority of our students arrive with an intermediate English skill level and require English for Academic Purposes to meet their academic needs and goals, versus communicative skills for professional and social settings.

In a response to meet the needs of our students, we will no longer offer IDP as of January 2019. We will continue to deliver our excellent standard of teaching in our other internationally recognized programs to students whose first language is other than English.

Can I get a refund of the $150 application fee?

A refund of the $150 application fee will be based on the applicant's Placement Test results.

Applicants who qualify for our available courses will not receive a refund and will be expected to proceed with their planned studies. Only applicants who do not qualify for our available courses are entitled to a refund and will be advisedaccordingly when they receive their results.

Will Homestay still accept me if my level is too low (i.e. if I can't take classes)?

Homestay is only available to UAlberta students who are enrolled in full-time studies. If an applicant does not qualify for our available courses, then they will not qualify for the Homestay program at the University of Alberta.

Can I still stay in On-campus housing?

On-campus housing (Residence Services) is only available to UAlberta students who are enrolled in full-time studies. If an applicant does not qualify for our available courses, then they will not qualify for the Residence Services at the University of Alberta.

I already booked my plane tickets and can't cancel - what can I do?

We are aware that some applicants have made plans that cannot be changed even though they do not qualify for our available courses. The English Language School will assist all applicants by placing students in the appropriate level available at the English Language School or by recommending an alternate institution in Edmonton that offers courses for which they qualify.

What happens if my Placement Test results are too low to qualify?

After an applicant takes the Placement Test, we will be able to determine if they qualify for our courses. If an applicant does not qualify, we will provide information about alternate institutions that we have been working with to support lower level applicants.

These other institutions will require students to apply to their programs and take their placement tests before enrolling. Our Placement Test is only accepted at the English Language School - other institutions will not accept our Placement Test results to enter their programs.

With my study permit, can I go to another institution? How much time do I have to find another institution?

Applicants can use their study permits to attend another institution but they must be aware of their timing during this process. Study permit holders must be enrolled and attending a full-time program within 90 days of their arrival.

Applicants planning to attend alternate instutitions must investigate the program start dates and registration deadlines.

I can't do the Placement Test (equipment not compatible)

Please contact us directly at or 1-780-492-5530.