Summer Session

This short-term study abroad program – offered during the summer month of August – allows students to study English while experiencing Canadian culture firsthand. 

This program is for you if:

you are looking for a short-term, "summer abroad" experience in which you can both improve your English and experience Canadian culture.


The Summer Session is a short-term, study abroad program which runs for 3 weeks throughout August.

It offers a special, summer term-specific schedule of the General English ESLFull Time courses (ESL 105 through 135) to individual students and focuses on listening and speaking skills.

Please note that if you wish to continue taking Full Time classes with the English Language School, this 3 week summer course does NOT act as a prerequisite for the next level of ESL.


Program term
Placement test
Program cost
August 2
- August 23
July 28, 9:00 am
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