English Language School

Testing Services

We administer a number of proficiency assessments and placement tests to international students whose first language is not English. These tests are conducted to give accurate assessments of prospective student’s current language proficiency in English.

Placement Test
What is it?

Test results will determine the most appropriate level for student placements in:

  • our Intensive Day Program
  • our English for Academic Purposes Program
  • our part-time programs

It can also confirm proficiency readiness for university admission.

What is it?

Test for spoken English proficiency for non-native speakers. It is routinely taken by those in the medical fields, where accurate verbal communication with patients is required.

Placement Testing and Language Assessments

According to the British Council, speakers of English as a non-native language outnumber native speakers, with about 750 million people speaking English as an alternate language. The demand for non-native speakers to master the use of the English language for academic purposes, leisure, business, sports and digital social network is definitely on the rise.