Government of Canada International Scholarships (ELAP| SEED|SiCS)

The Government of Canada offers several scholarships to support candidates from abroad who wish to study in Canada on a short-term basis by participating in course-based exchange programs. These scholarships include:


To find out if you are eligible to apply for one of the Government of Canada Scholarships listed above please click on its name. Doing so will take you to the Government of Canada webpage with the detailed scholarship description. Eligibility information will be listed under the grey-coloured “Eligibility” tab.

Also, students wishing to take UAlberta courses while on exchange with one of the Government of Canada scholarships listed above must be from an exchange partner institution with which UAlberta has a current student exchange agreement (SEA). Check if your home institution is one of our exchange partner institutions with whom we have a current SEA by using the Find a Program tool on our Go Abroad website. To do so, use the "Country" filter to select the country in which your home institution is located and select "Exchange" from the "Program Type" filter. If your home institution is listed, then we have a current SEA and you may proceed with pursuing a course-based exchange program at UAlberta and an application for one of the Government of Canada scholarships listed above.

Important Dates

You will need to submit your completed application to Mr. Michal Guzowski, the UAlberta Exchange Program Coordinator, at by the UAlberta-specific date communicated to your home institution (NOT by any deadline you may see on the Government of Canada website).


Please be sure to have money to support yourself if you arrive for the start of your exchange and the scholarship money you are expecting isn't yet available since UAlberta will not be able to give or lend you money in the meantime.

How to Apply

Step 1:
Get nominated for an exchange to UAlberta or get an assurance that you will be nominated from your home institution. At the same time, get the *current* Government of Canada scholarship application details from your home institution. This information would be specific to UAlberta and would be contained in an email sent to your home institution by Mr. Michal Guzowski, the UAlberta Exchange Programs Coordinator.

Step 2:
Once you know that you have been, or will be, nominated for an exchange, please submit your application documents to Mr. Michal Guzowski, at

To find out more about the application documents, please click on the name of the relevant Government of Canada Scholarship listed above. Doing so will take you to the Government of Canada webpage with the detailed scholarship description. Under the grey-coloured “Application” tab you’ll find information about the required application documents in the section entitled, “Supporting Documents.”

You need to submit all documents listed with the following exceptions:

  • You do not need to submit the “Signed copy of Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement with the partner institutions ” since it will be submitted by UAlberta on your behalf to the Government of Canada.
  • You only need to submit a copy of the “Letter of invitation from the Canadian supervisor” if you are a graduate / postgraduate exchange student who will be participating in the RSCH 900 course.

Furthermore, you will need to include a document - not explicitly requested by the Government of Canada - that lists all of the courses you intend to take while on exchange (and it will be fine if the courses you end up taking while on exchange differ from those on the list.)

Step 3:
UAlberta will review all applications for eligibility and completeness. Should we notice any errors or omissions in your application we will contact you to let you know so it will be important to monitor your inbox, spam/junk mail and trash/garbage/deleted folders for any messages from UAlberta and until you get confirmation from us that all is well with your application.

Step 4:
UAlberta will submit eligible applications to the Government of Canada on behalf of candidates by the Government of Canada deadline.

Step 5:
UAlberta will notify candidates of the results via e-mail once they are shared by the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), usually about 3 months after the Government of Canada submission deadline has passed.