Visiting Student and Internship Programs

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Funded Internships

The China Scholarship Council provides funding to undergraduate students from Project 211 universities in China to conduct research ­at UAlberta under the supervision of faculty members who are experts in their field.

Students gain hands-on, practical experience in their academic discipline and receive a stipend. The China Scholarship Council provides financial support for up to 30 students from eligible Chinese universities or participate in research projects at the University of Alberta.

Internships are 3 months in duration and typically take place July 3 until October 3. Exact internship dates are dependent on the flexibility of the supervising professor.

University of Alberta International provides full support for participants before, during and after their placement. A formal orientation, professional development seminars, academic networking opportunities, and a poster symposium are offered to program participants.

Opportunities to participate in cultural and social events such as city festivals or day trips to nearby attractions are offered on a weekly basis. A chance to purchase tickets for our trip to the Rocky Mountains is made available to every intern.