For Host Supervisors

If the Host Supervisor has already identified a candidate and a research project, the Host Supervisor should provide University of Alberta International (UAI) with a letter of invitation indicating willingness to support and mentor the visiting candidate and how the project helps support Canada’s objectives for the Americas: democratic governance, peace and security and prosperity in the region. The letter needs to have Departmental and Faculty approval and must include the signatures of the Supervisor, the Department Chair, and the Dean or Associate/Assistant Dean International of the Faculty.

In addition to this letter, the supervisor should submit the required application documents to UAI.

The deadline to submit all documents to the University of Alberta International is April 1, 2018. 

UAlberta faculty can contact Brendan Cavanagh, International Internship Coordinator (Inbound) at or 780-248-1020 for more information. 

Results, Invitation & Host Supervisor Responsibilities

UAI will notify Host Supervisors and Candidates of the results which are expected to be announced in June.

UAI will guide the host and the candidate through the invitation and immigration application process.

Candidates will normally be invited as Research Award Recipients and must obtain a work permit; see Academic Visitors Office. Exceptions: Students coming under an undergraduate or graduate exchange agreement will only be required to obtain a study permit.

The appropriate student category for invitation will be determined after nomination/application.

Candidate’s studies or research may commence as early as July 1, 2018 but no later than February 1, 2019.