How to Apply

Candidates Wishing to Register in Courses at UAlberta

Undergraduate or graduate students wishing to take UAlberta courses must be from an exchange partner institution with a current Student Exchange Agreement and must be nominated for exchange to the University of Alberta. Students from non-exchange partner institutions may only conduct research at UAlberta.

Candidates from a UAlberta exchange partner wishing to register in courses should contact the UAlberta Exchange Coordinator at The deadline to apply is April 1, 2018.

Candidates wishing to do Research at UAlberta

The candidate (international student or faculty member/manager) must find a UAlberta host supervisor and work with the host supervisor to determine a mutually agreed upon research project and duration (up to 6 months in length for graduate students, or 4 months for undergraduates).

The candidate must submit the 6 required application documents listed below to the UAlberta host supervisor. Where required, the University of Alberta International (UAI) will submit a signed copy of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or other agreement with the partner institution if one exists. Neither the Candidate nor the Host Supervisor need to obtain or provide this document.

Candidates interested in applying for the research award should submit their application to the UAlberta Internship Programs Coordinator at The deadline to apply is April 1, 2018.

UAI will submit the application to the Government of Canada on behalf of the host supervisor and candidate and will notify the candidate and host supervisor of the results via e-mail.

Application Documents Required

If accepted as an exchange student or as a researcher, candidates must provide the UAlberta Exchange Coordinator or the UAlberta Internship Programs Coordinator (Inbound), respectively, with the following documents:

NOTE: Each document must be smaller than 5 MB. Acceptable file formats: .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .txt, .gif

  1. Proof of citizenship

A copy of the candidate's passport photo page or national identity document with valid dates. Note: a driver's licence, permanent resident card, student card or baptism certificate is not accepted as proof of citizenship.

  1. Proof of full-time enrolment

A letter in English or French from the home institution, on official letterhead, dated within the last six months, confirming that the candidate is currently enrolled in a full-time program and will continue to be enrolled upon their return. Note: copies of transcripts, a student card or letter of admission are not acceptable (maximum one page).

  1. Letter of intent from the candidate

A letter in English or French from the candidate describing the nature of their research or studies to be undertaken and explaining the rationale for study in Canada and for the choice of institution, the program and the supervisor. The candidate must also indicate how the proposed program of study or research will relate to their future career (maximum one page).

  1. Letter of support from the home institution

A letter in English or French from the candidate's instructor, professor or international director on the institution's official letterhead explaining the nature of study and how the candidate and the home institution will benefit from this scholarship program (maximum one page).

  1. Privacy Notice Statement

A copy of the Privacy Notice Statement for non-Canadian participants signed by the candidate. 

  1. Letter of invitation from the Canadian supervisor (Graduate Research Applicants ONLY)

Applications for graduate students intending to conduct research (only) must include a letter from the Canadian supervisor indicating their willingness to support and mentor the candidate. This letter must be on institutional letterhead, be in English or in French, be signed and demonstrate the support for the candidate during the exchange period and demonstrate how the Canadian institution, supervisor and peers will benefit (maximum one page).