UAI 3MT Symposium

One important aspect of academic literacy is the ability to communicate research findings in spoken words with adaptability and rhetorical dexterity. It has been a tradition at the University of Alberta to give University of Alberta International Research Internship participants an opportunity to communicate their research projects to the campus community. To carry on the tradition via a virtual platform in 2021, the University of Alberta International invites interested participants to record their research presentations and upload their videos online. They will be critiqued by a panel of judges at the University of Alberta, and feedback will be provided to students as a learning opportunity.

Preparing a 3MT requires scripting a research narrative as a story with emotional as well as intellectual impact (Copeman, 2015). It is important to find ways to establish interpersonal rapport with non-specialist audiences (Hyland & Zou, 2021). Before preparing their own 3MT presentation, participants are encouraged to look up some winning 3MT presentations as a reference. One advantage with the pre-recorded videos is that it can take out some of the pressure and stress that are associated with real-time presentations. Participants are able to rehearse, record and review multiple times and submit their most satisfactory video.

3MT Presentation Requirements:

  • Maximum presentation length is 3 minutes
  • Participants are restricted to spoken words only (i.e. no singing, rapping, etc.)
  • Participants can only show one static slide (no animations, music and electronic media);
  • Participants must explain their research in a way that those who do not have a background in the field can understand (i.e.the target is a non-specialist audience)

Interested research placement participants are encouraged to discuss the presentation with their UAlberta host supervisor. Participants must have the consent of their host supervisor to participate. Please check out the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research’s 3MT videos for inspiration!

Judging Rubrics

The criteria for judging the content and communication for the UAI 3MT video presentations are borrowed from the Queensland criteria (The University of Queensland, 2021). As our presentations are pre-recorded videos, we have added one more set of criteria for the production of videos.


  • Presentation provided clear background and significance to the research question
  • Presentation clearly described the research strategy/design and the results/findings of the research
  • Presentation clearly described the conclusions, outcomes and impact of the research


  • The oration was delivered clearly, and the language was appropriate for a non-specialist audience
  • The single slide was well-defined and enhanced the presentation
  • The presenter conveyed enthusiasm for their research and captured and maintained the audience’s attention

Video production:

  • The video production is in good quality in terms of both visual and sound.
  • The video presentation is well planned with smooth transitions between presenter and slide.
  • The video presentation is creative and engaging.



There will be two separate presentation groups to accommodate the varying placement end dates.

  • Participants who started their research placement up until June 14 should submit their entry by July 23
  • Participants who started their research placement after June 14 should submit their entry by September 15

Participants who wish to participate in the UAI 3MT Symposium, must complete and submit this UAI 3MT Video Presentation Symposium Entry Form by the deadlines stated above. The link to the video must be submitted with the form. If you are not able to access the form email

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Judges will be asked to view and critique a maximum of 5 video presentations and provide feedback via a Google form.

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