Visiting Student and Internship Programs

Program Information (Schedules, Dates & Fees)

Who Should Apply?

The VSCP is for students whose primary language is not English and who have an English Language Proficiency test score below 90 iBT (TOEFL) or 6.5 IELTS or who have not taken TOEFL or IELTS tests before. To be eligible for the VSCP students must be registered in a degree program in a university outside of Canada and must have written consent from their university to participate in the program.

VSCP Study Plan Information

Additional non-refundable application fees:

  • $125 CAD VSCP Application Fee
  • $25 CAD Residence Application Fee

All fees are subject to approval and may change. The above calculations are based on 2018-2019 costs. For 2019-2020, an increase is expected.

Tuition estimates include the VSCP Program Fee, ESL Course Fees, VSCP seminars and staff services, instructional (academic course) fees and non-instructional fees. Accommodation fees and health insurance fees are not included in this estimate.

The estimated living expenses include accommodation and monthly health insurance fees.

Students applying for a campus residence must submit their VSCP and residence application before April 30 to be guaranteed a residence assignment for September.

On average, a VSCP student in any schedule earns from three to six academic course credits (each course has a value of three credits).

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Applications must be cancelled in writing prior to the first day of the first required ESL course in order for the VSCP Program Fee to be cancelled in full.  The VSCP application fee, Residence Application Fee, and Homestay Placement Fee are non-refundable.

Students who withdraw from the program after the commencement of the required ESL courses and prior to the 30th day of the month that their final required ESL term ends are eligible for a partial refund of the VSCP Program Fee.