English Language Studies

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Founded in 1973, the English Language School (formerly known as English Language Program) is recognized internationally for providing a high standard of instruction to students whose first language is other than English. This excellent standard of teaching is maintained by a team of qualified and experienced instructional staff who use modern teaching approaches, resources, and state-of-the-art technology.

All VSCP students are required to take one or two ESL courses to better prepare them for academic studies in English. These are taught through the English Language School at the University of Alberta, while students receive support and advising from VSCP staff.

Students do not need to present an English Language Proficiency test score to be eligible for admission to the VSCP.

At the start of the program VSCP students presenting the following official score will have direct entry into the English for Academic Purposes courses.

English Language School - Course Level Requirements


IELTS™ (Academic)


Academic Foundations I

Overall 3.5

Minimum band score: 3.0

Overall 22 iBT

Academic Foundations II

Overall 4.0

Minimum band score: 3.5

Overall 28 iBT

Academic Foundations III

Overall 4.5

Minimum band score: 4.0

Overall 33 iBT

EAP 135

Overall 5.0

Minimum band score: 4.5

Overall 65 iBT

Minimum section score: 16

EAP 140

Overall 5.5

Minimum band score: 5.0

Overall 70 iBT

Minimum section score: 17


Students with less than 22 internet-based TOEFL (iBT) or 3.5 IELTS will take a placement test and will start in an English level based on their test result.

Each ESL course is 7-weeks long and students study for 4 hours each day and 20 hours each week.