GCE British Curriculum

General Requirement

Students completing the General Certificate of Education (GCE) may use a combination of Advanced or Advanced Subsidiary Level (A- or AS-level) and GCSE courses to meet the five required admission subjects for University of Alberta programs. A minimum of three subjects must be at A- or AS-level. The remaining subjects may be presented at GCSE  Level.

Applicants completing the GCE A-Level program may qualify for Admission to the University of Alberta based on Forecast results. 

Complete the GCE A2-level Forecast Grade Form

GCE Course requirements for admission

View the undergraduate program subject requirements to determine the required admission subjects at A- or AS-level for your program.

Click here for the list of approved A- and AS-level subjects.


  • The mid-August release of final exam results for AS-level courses is too late to meet UAlberta's August 1 document deadline for fall admission. 
    Students completing AS-level courses only (and are not planning to take A-level exams) are encouraged to write five SAT subject tests in appropriate subject areas in order to meet the August 1 document deadlines. For exact requirements please contact: Welcome@ualberta.ca
    SAT subject tests are not required for students taking A-level courses because predicted A-level scores are acceptable for admission.
  • Students completing GCE curriculum must present English Language as a subject at GCSE, AS or A-level. The English subject Requirement may alternatively be met through taking the general SAT or AP English). 

English Proficiency

Applicants studying GCE (British) curriculum may be considered as having met UAlberta’s English language requirement if they have a B grade in O-Level English Language. For details, see English Proficiency.

Am I Competitive?

Each undergraduate program has its own competitive admissions average, and this average varies from year to year.

Your average will be calculated on the five subject requirements after you have applied and submitted your transcripts and documentation.

Generally you need to present A-, AS-, and GCSE courses with grades of A and B, with no individual grade lower than a C.

See International Competitive Average Equivalencies.