University of Alberta GCE Advanced Level Approved Subjects

GCE Advanced Level

University of Alberta Classification

Afrikaans Humanities
Arabic Humanities
Art Fine Arts
Art & Design Fine Arts
Bengali Humanities
Biology Sciences
Chemistry Sciences
Chinese Humanities
Computing or Computing Science Sciences
Design & Technology Fine Arts
Drama & Theater Studies Fine Arts
Dutch Humanities
Economics Humanities
English Humanities
English Language Humanities
English Literature Humanities
Environmental Management Sciences
French Humanities
Further Math Sciences
General paper Humanities
Geography Humanities
German Humanities
Government & Politics Humanities
Hindi Humanities
History Humanities
Japanese Humanities
Latin Humanities
Malay Humanities
Marathi Humanities
Mathematics Sciences
Media studies Fine Arts
Music Fine Arts
Panjabi Humanities
Psyhcology Humanities
Photography Fine Arts
Physics Sciences
Portuguese Humanities
Pure Mathematics Sciences
Russian Humanities
Science Sciences
Social Science or Sociology Humanities
Spanish Humanities
Statistics Sciences
Swahili Humanities
Tamil Humanities
Telegu Humanities
Thai Humanities
Urdu Humanities