GCE British-Patterned Curriculum

Submitting GCE A-Level Predicted Grades

To submit predicted GCE A-Level grades download the predicted grades from and have your school counselor submit from their official school email address. 

Predicted Grades Form 

General Requirement

The University of Alberta welcomes many students each year from high schools around the world that follow a British-Patterned curriculum. 

Applicants completing the General Certificate of Education (GCE) need to present three approved A-level courses. 

Applicants completing GCE A-Levels

Applicants will be evaluated for Early Admission on presentation of the following:

  • External A/S level results must be presented if taken

  • If you did not take externally graded A/S level final exams, school-reported first year A-level results may be presented

  • Course registrations for final year of A-level

To obtain Final Admission and clear conditions:

  • Applicants with an Early Admission offer will need to arrange for their school counselor or administrator to send predicted grades issued on or after 1 March directly to the University of Alberta. If the predicted grades meet the competitive requirement, Final Admission will be offered. 

  • Applicants who were not offered Early Admission will be evaluated for Final Admission with predicted grades issued on or after 1 March, sent directly to the University of Alberta.

  • The predicted grades form can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • The digital predicted grades form, for when counselors do not have access to the school stamp, can be downloaded here.

Applicants who have already completed GCE A-Levels

Applicants will be evaluated for Final Admission based on the submission of final A-level certificates.

GCE Course requirements for admission

View the undergraduate program subject requirements to determine the required admission subjects at A-level for your program.

Click here for the list of approved A-level subjects. 

English Language Proficiency

Applicants studying GCE (British) curriculum will meet UAlberta’s English language requirement with a grade of B or higher in (I)GCSE English Language or Literature. (I)GCSE English Second Language does not meet UAlberta’s ELP requirement. For applicants unable to present (I)GCSE English Language or Literature, please click here for alternative ways to meet the English Language Proficiency requirement.

Transfer Credit

A-level students may be eligible for transfer credit to certain faculties and programs. For more information click here.

Am I Competitive?

Each undergraduate program has its own competitive admissions average, and this average varies from year to year.

Your competitiveness will be determined after you have applied and submitted the required documentation.

For any further questions regarding GCE Curriculum please email: welcome@ualberta.ca