Application and Document Deadlines

International applicants are encouraged to apply for admission as early as possible.

The earlier you apply, the faster your application will be processed and you will have more time to apply for scholarships, apply for housing, and get your study permit.

You can submit your application and then send your documents later, as long as your application and documents are submitted by the appropriate deadlines.

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines vary by program. Most undergraduate programs accept applications until March 1 for September entry, however, there are exceptions. 

For Fall term (September) entry—when most students begin studies—deadlines can be as early as November 1 the previous year for some programs.

Deadlines for September 2017 study:




Agricultural, Life &
Environmental Sciences
All programs except except
BSc in Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics Specialization
May 1, 2017
Arts BA (Criminology), BA, BA (Drama)/BEd Combined, BA Environmental Studies April 1, 2017
All other programs May 1, 2017
Augustana Campus  All programs April 1, 2017 
Business All programs March 1, 2017
Campus Saint-Jean All programs  May 1, 2017
Education BEd and BEd After Degree March 1, 2017 
Education (Diploma) June 1, 2017
Engineering All programs April 1, 2017
Law All programs March 1, 2017
Medicine & Dentistry Medicine October 1, 2016
BSc (Dental Hygiene Specialization), Post-Diploma Degree Completion, Dental Hygiene Diploma and Dentistry November 1, 2016
Medical Laboratory Science and BSc in Radiation Therapy March 1, 2017
Native Studies All programs May 31, 2017 
Nursing All programs  March 1, 2017
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences BSc March 1, 2017
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) February 1, 2017
Physical Education & Recreation All programs  March 1, 2017
Science Post-secondary applicants and internal transfer applicants only  April 1, 2017
Open Studies
August 25, 2017

Document Deadlines

The deadlines to send in official documents for final admission to Fall term (September) for most UAlberta programs are:

  • June 15 for Post-secondary Transfer Applicants
  • August 1 for High School Applicants

You may send in interim documents for early admission consideration. See Documentation.