Some great reasons why students from Vietnam choose the University of Alberta

  • The University of Alberta is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world
  • The University of Alberta is also ranked number one for graduate employment in Canada
  • Upon graduating from the University of Alberta you can apply for the three year post-graduation work permit
  • Tuition and living costs are very competitive compared to similar ranked institutions in Canada, Australia, the US, and UK

Entrance Requirements

Completion of Five Academic Subjects

Students applying for admission from high school (higher secondary education) must show that they have successfully completed five academic subjects. The academic subjects you need to present will vary by program and Faculty. Find out which subjects you will need to present for your program of choice with the program finder.

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Vietnam High School Graduation/University Entrance Exam (Thi Tot Nghiep THPT/Tuyen Sinh Cao Dang-Dai Hoc):

You can enter the University of Alberta using your graduation qualification. To obtain a conditional offer, you would need your school results including grade 11 and first semester of grade 12. Your offer would become unconditional upon receipt of your graduation exam result (Thi Tot Nghiep THPT/Tuyen Sinh Cao Dang-Dai Hoc), and meeting the University of Alberta's requirements.

To receive an unconditional offer and clear conditions students need a minimum 4.9 average in all five required subjects for the students program in the Thi Tot Nghiep THPT/Tuyen Sinh Cao Dang-Dai Hoc. No subjects can be used with a grade below 4. Civic Education cannot be used as one of the five subjects or in the admission average calculation.

Note that students applying to the Faculty of Engineering must meet a minimum 6.9 average in all five required subjects in the Thi Tot Nghiep THPT/Tuyen Sinh Cao Dang-Dai Hoc to receive an unconditional offer.

International curricula, including US, AP, and IB:

Information on entry criteria.

Scholarships and Awards

Admission-based scholarships - automatic evaluation!

You are automatically evaluated for these scholarships when you apply for admission. Your eligibility will be based on your high school admission average at the time of your admission offer.

International Admission Scholarship
Top students could receive up to
$5,000 CAD, depending on admission
Regional Excellence Scholarship
Top students from certain regions
could receive up to $5,000 CAD, based
on admission average.
Gold Standard Scholarship
The top 5% of students in each faculty could receive up to $6,000, depending on admission average.

Application-based scholarships - apply early!

You must apply to an undergraduate degree program before you can apply for any entrance scholarships. The deadline for application-based scholarships is January 11, 2023. Check out some of our tips about how to apply or visit our scholarship application form to get started!

Offers will be made starting in early Winter 2023.

President's International Distinction
Students with a superior admission
average and demonstrated leadership
qualities entering their first year of an
undergraduate degree on a Student
Visa Permit could receive up to
$120,000 CAD (payable over 4 years).
International Leader Scholarship
Well-rounded leaders with superior
academics may receive up to $10,000


All Scholarships and Awards

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