International Students at UAlberta starting in Fall 2020, or later, will not see their tuition increase during their program.

Program-based Tuition

The program-based tuition model allows international students to know the total tuition cost of their program at the time of their admission to UAlberta.

In the Offer of Admission you will receive the total tuition amount for your academic program at UAlberta. You will be able to pay this in equal annual or semi-annual installments. Each installment will be for the same amount unless you choose to take spring or summer semester courses, which will increase your amount for that year, and decrease your final installment by an equal amount.

Your tuition will not change or increase for the standard length of your academic program.

Tuition Guarantee Details

  • Your tuition guarantee only applies to the standard requirements, including electives, necessary to complete your program. It does not include any mandatory non-instructional fees or other costs such as the U-Pass, textbooks, residence fees, students associations, etc. It also does not include the cost for any courses you choose to take as extra or that need to be repeated due to withdrawal or failure.
  • If you choose to take Spring/Summer courses, your total program tuition will remain the same however your annual total will increase for that year.
  • Your tuition guarantee is set for the typical duration of your program plus one year. Typically programs are four years, therefore the guarantee would be in place for five years.
  • Should you require a fifth year of study to complete your program requirements, you will not face additional tuition costs in that fifth year. If your remaining courses exceed your program requirements, you will pay per course. In either case, payment for mandatory non-instructional fees in the fifth year will be required. If you have outstanding program requirements to complete after five years you will be required to pay for those remaining courses, individually, at the current rate in that academic year.
  • If you change programs at UAlberta your original guarantee will no longer be valid, and you will receive a new guarantee for your new program.
  • The tuition amount displayed on your University of Alberta Offer of Admission (admission letter), is the authoritative source for what you will pay, in the event that you see or hear other numbers elsewhere.