Transfer scholarships

Coming to the University of Alberta is a great choice, and we want to make it worth your while. There are a number of scholarships specifically for students entering a professional program or transferring from another post-secondary institution.

Not sure what scholarships you're eligible for? No problem! Fill out our scholarship application and, based on your background, experiences, and interests, we'll assess you for a match.

All professional entrance and transfer scholarships are application-based.

You must apply to an undergraduate degree program before you can apply for any transfer scholarships.

Application open: April 1
Closing deadline: June 1

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General Eligibility Requirements

Depending on the scholarship or award, selection will be based on academic standing and/or demonstrated exceptional leadership. Secondary criteria may include but are not limited to; financial need, residency, extracurricular activities and/or previous award funding. Funding levels vary annually and selection is competitive. Candidates must meet the following base academic criteria for transfer scholarships:

  • Present an admission average that meets or exceeds those required for the specific scholarship.
  • Be transferring from another post-secondary institution into a full-time undergraduate program OR be entering full-time studies in the first year of a professional degree (Law, Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy) OR after degree program (ex. Nursing or Education).
  • Scholarship offers are conditional on the accuracy of your self-recorded grades. If there is a discrepancy between your self-recorded grades and your final official transcript, your scholarship offer could be revoked.

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Applications for undergraduate study open on 1 October, 2021. Check out the requirments and get ready to apply.

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