Student Life

The University of Alberta is home to over 36,000 students, including almost 8,000 international students from nearly 150 countries. Come explore UAlberta.

University is a time where you can reinvent yourself and discover new social circles, or it can be a time for you to hone in on your passion and discover a group of like-minded enthusiasts.

Diverse Food Options

You can find foods from all over the world on-campus and in the surrounding areas, including Halal and vegan options. Be sure to try some traditional Canadian foods as well, like poutine, bison, and maple syrup!

Sports Fans

You can catch the Golden Bears or Pandas playing in their natural habitat at our varsity athletics events-students have free admission to all regular-season home games! Come cheer on our teams to win another National Championship-we've already won 75 of them!

Blue Sky and Fresh Air

Edmonton is a modern, busy city with a beautiful natural environment. The river valley, which is North America's largest urban parkland and full of trails for biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing, is located right around campus.

Vibrant Business Environment

Edmonton is home to 1 million people and is a major economic hub for Alberta -- our connections to industry mean great job opportunities during your degree and after graduation.

Making Friends

With over 450 student clubs to choose from, it's likely that you'll join more than one​! Join a cultural group or pursue a cause you believe in with your fellow students. Stop by the tents in Quad during Week of Welcome, or start searching in Bears Den now to find your people!

Cultural Connectors

You'll find a welcoming community of students and support with organizations like the University Health Centre, Centre for Writers, Career Centre, and many more. Join in the celebration of diversity during Round Dance, TAWOW, International Week, the Peer Program, and Bridges Student Speakers.

UAlberta has something for everyone! Here are 10 ways to explore.

  1. Join a student group or club! Meet new people and explore your common interests.
  2. Take a course or program with a "field work" component. You'll be out in a real-world setting, putting your academic skills into practice.
  3. Work while you study! Get experience in a Canadian setting and follow your career goals.
  4. Visit our campus museums-we have Canada's largest university-based meteorite collection, a paleontology museum with dinosaur bones, and more … all on campus.
  5. Join the Gateway student newspaper or CJSR, the student radio station. You can get journalism experience and connect with all kinds of new people.
  6. Enjoy the snow during the winter season-it's your chance to ski, snowboard, skate, and more!
  7. Get involved with international week-explore important world issues and build global citizenship during this exciting annual event.
  8. Run for a position in our students' union-many international students are actively involved in UAlberta's student government!
  9. Work, study, and research abroad! Enhance your international experience even further by spending a term or year at a UAlberta partner institution outside of Canada.
  10. Take the time to learn about Canadian culture-experience our music, food, films, activities, and be sure to join us for celebrations like Canada day!

Campus Activities

With so many events happening on campus throughout the year, your social calendar will be packed!

year round Year round: Comedy nights, farmers' markets, intramurals, movie nights, pet therapy
fall Fall: Orientation, Week of Welcome, TAWOW welcome ceremony, Green and Gold Day, Oilers Rookies vs. UAlberta Golden Bears, Bar None, Campus Cup
winter Winter: Anti-Freeze winter festival, Round Dance, International Week, Pride Week, SUB House Party
summer Spring / Summer: Tipi raising, Environment Week