UAlberta Lingo

Learn some common abbreviations and acronyms before you get to campus.

Lingo (ling'go): Language that is unintelligible or unfamiliar.

Here's a list of words and terms you may hear around campus and Edmonton!

  • Academic Lingo

    Department: The basic organizational unit within a faculty that is responsible for a field of study. Example: the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering.

    Faculty: A formal subdivision within the University whose mission is the administration of programs and courses relating (usually) to common fields of study and academic disciplines. Example: the Faculty of Engineering.

    Fall Term: The period of the academic year that runs from September through December.

    Lab: University courses can be composed of lectures, seminars, and labs. The lab portion of a course is when students meet to gain practical, hands-on experience on the course matter (for example, in a computer lab or science lab).

    Lecture: University courses can be composed of lectures, seminars, and labs. The lecture portion of a course is when students attend a class where the professor gives a talk on the course subject matter.

    Seminar: University courses can be composed of lectures, seminars, and labs. The seminar portion of a course is when students meet for reports and discussion in an area of research under the guidance of a professor.

    Spring Term: The period of the academic year that runs from May through June.

    Summer Term: The period of the academic year that runs from July through August.

    Winter Term: The period of the academic year that runs from September through April.

  • Around Edmonton

    ETS: Edmonton Transit Systems, Edmonton’s transportation system, providing bus and LRT services.

    Fort Ed: Short for Fort Edmonton, the largest outdoor historic park in Canada, where you can take a trip back in time to explore historic buildings and enjoy the outdoors.

    Whyte: Whyte Avenue, located in the Old Strathcona historic district, is a very popular area for University students, with unique stores, coffee houses, nightclubs, and pubs.

    Jasper (Ave): A well-known downtown avenue with trendy shops, restaurants, and pubs. Don’t confuse it with Jasper, the town in the mountains!

    LRT: Light Rail Transit is Edmonton’s subway system, stretching from the U of A to the far north end of the city.

    Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market: Open every weekend just off of Whyte. Over a hundred vendors from the city and surrounding areas come to the Farmer’s Market to sell their wares.

    Rogers Place: Rogers Place, the brand new main venue in Edmonton for concerts, NHL hockey games, and other special events.

    River Valley: The largest urban parkland in North America, surrounding campus with 97 km of trails for biking, walking, running, and cross-country skiing.

    Vue: Free weekly newspaper profiling and reviewing the city’s arts, culture, sports, and nightlife.

    WEM: West Edmonton Mall, the world’s largest shopping and entertainment complex.

  • On Campus

    Atrium: The sunlit Tory Business atrium, which connects the Tory Building, Business Building, and HUB Mall

    Bar None: A high-spirited western hoedown-style dance that began in 1948 and is now held annually, with square dancers, live orchestras, a staged bullfight, and a non-alcoholic saloon

    Bears: Refers to the Golden Bears, UAlberta’s men’s athletic teams

    Bear’s Den: an online community where you can meet some new people, ask all your questions, debate hot topics, follow our travels with the Road Blog, and meet your future advisors… all before you even come to campus!

    Bear Tracks: An interactive web-based service for applicants and students, providing online grade reporting, application status, timetabling, and more.

    Butterdome: The nickname of the Universiade Pavillion, so named because of its bright yellow colour.

    CAB: The Central Academic Building, with campus’s largest cafeteria and a spacious first-floor meeting area

    CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre: a University-operated office where UAlberta students go for advice on career planning and job opportunities.

    CCID: Your Campus Computing ID, which will give you access to campus email and other online services.

    CJSR: The campus radio station.

    Gateway: The campus newspaper.

    Getaway: A humorous, satirical issue of The Gateway that comes out once a year in December.

    Green and Gold: The official colours of UAlberta, chosen in 1908 (when the university opened) to reflect the colour of the river valley trees during fall at the start of the school year.

    Guba: The UAlberta Golden Bears' official mascot, “The Great University Bear of Alberta.”

    HUB: The campus mall, with over 50 services, including restaurants, shops, and student lounges as well as 800 student residence rooms.

    ISS: International Student Services, located in the Telus Centre (TEL), a great place to stop by to get advice, relax, and socialize.

    IST: Information Services and Technology is the department that manages information technology on campus, with a Support Centre that allows you to walk in and get one-on-one technical assistance whether you're a student, staff, or faculty member.

    I House: International House, the University residence for Canadian and international students.

    I Week: International Week, hosted by the International Centre, a weeklong special event featuring guest speakers, performers, and special events.

    NINT: The National Institute of Nanotechnology, the nation’s flagship centre for nanotechnology research and one of only a few such facilities in the world.

    ONEcard: The official identification card of the University of Alberta gives students access to campus services and is able to carry a cash balance to use for photocopying and certain food purchases.

    Pandas: Refers to the Pandas, the UAlberta women’s athletic teams.

    Patches: The official mascot of the Pandas.

    Quad: A large grassy courtyard in the centre of campus, where students sit outside to study and take part in the many special events that are hosted there.

    RATT: Room At The Top restaurant and lounge, located on the 7th floor of the Students’ Union building, where you will get a fantastic view of the city and have a good time.

    Safewalk: Offered by Students’ Union, this service will send two people to walk with you if you do not wish to walk alone after dark on or around campus.

    Student ID: A unique ID number given to each UAlberta student.

    SU: Students’ Union, the representative body for undergraduate students, offers many student services and several retail businesses on campus.

    SUB: The Students' Union Building, home to the University Bookstore, RATT, student lounges, restaurants, and more.

    Tory Turtle: The nickname of the Tory Lecture Theatre on campus, so named because of its shape.