Provincial Equivalents

Manitoba Provincial Equivalents

Alberta / NWT / Nunavut Manitoba
English English Language Arts (ELA 30-1)

1 credit of ELA Focus 40S

Francophone or French Immersion students who present an acceptable Gr 12 Français or a French Language Arts course need only present one ELA 40S (with the exception of ELA: Language and Technical Communication 40S) to meet the English Language Arts 30-1 requirement.

Humanities / Social Sciences

Social Studies 30-1, Aboriginal Studies 30 Western Civilization 40S or Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainabilty 40S
Language other than English 40S-level language
Additional Humanities / Social Sciences subjects World Geography 40S, Law 40S, Current Topics in First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies 40S
Fine Arts Drama 30 Drama 40S
Art 30-1, Art 31 Art 40G or Art 40S
Music 30 (Choral), Music 30 (Gen), or Music 30 (Instr) 
Music 40S (Band, Choral, Strings/Orchestra, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Band, or Guitar)
Pure Sciences Biology 30 Biology 40S
  Chemistry 30 Chemistry 40S
  Physics 30 Physics 40S
Mathematics  Mathematics 30-1
Pre-calculus Math 40S
  Mathematics 30-2 Applied Mathematics 40S1
Calculus Mathematics 31 (Calculus)
Calculus 45S and Adv Math 45S
Computing Science Computing Science, Advanced Level CTS (5 credits)
Computer Science 40S
Other Sciences / Mathematics Science 30
Physical Education Physical Education 30, Recreation Leadership Adv CTS (REC ADV)
Physical Education 40G, Exercise Science 40S, Physical Education 41G

May not be presented for admission together with Pre-Calculus 40S