Provincial Equivalents

Manitoba Provincial Equivalents

Alberta / NWT / Nunavut Manitoba
English English Language Arts (ELA 30-1)

1 credit of ELA Focus 40S

Francophone or French Immersion students who present an acceptable Gr 12 Français or a French Language Arts course need only present one ELA 40S (with the exception of ELA: Language and Technical Communication 40S) to meet the English Language Arts 30-1 requirement.

Humanities / Social Sciences

Social Studies 30-1, Aboriginal Studies 30 Western Civilization 40S or Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainabilty 40S
Language other than English 40S-level language
Additional Humanities / Social Sciences subjects World Geography 40S, Law 40S, Current Topics in First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies 40S
Fine Arts Drama 30 Drama 40S
Art 30-1, Art 31 Art 40G or Art 40S
Music 30 (Choral), Music 30 (Gen), or Music 30 (Instr) 
Music 40S (Band, Choral, Strings/Orchestra, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Band, or Guitar)
Pure Sciences Biology 30 Biology 40S
  Chemistry 30 Chemistry 40S
  Physics 30 Physics 40S
Mathematics  Mathematics 30-1
Pre-calculus Math 40S
  Mathematics 30-2 Applied Mathematics 40S1
Calculus Mathematics 31 (Calculus)
Calculus 45S and Adv Math 45S
Computing Science Computing Science, Advanced Level CTS (5 credits)
Computer Science 40S
Other Sciences / Mathematics Science 30, Experiential Science 30

May not be presented for admission together with Pre-Calculus 40S