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December 2018

Feature program: Science Internship Program

A student in the Faculty of Science has the opportunity to explore career options during their degree with our integrated Science Internship Program (SIP) and gain real-world work experience before graduation. Students in all science programs are eligible to participate in paid and supervised work terms that range from 4, 8, 12 or 16 months.

A SIP placement is available locally, nationally or internationally in areas of research or industry, performing office, field or lab work. Internships provide students with the ability to discover their strengths and interests by applying classroom knowledge to real life situations. Students then graduate with a resume of relevant work experience which can boost chances for employment. Admission to the program is possible after completion of first year and is based on academic performance.

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  • November 2018 feature program

    Feature program: Engineering Co-op Program

    For over 35 years, University of Alberta Engineering Co-op students have made a difference in businesses across Canada and around the world. The University of Alberta offers one of the largest and most successful engineering co-op programs in Canada.

    The Engineering Co-op Program incorporates a paid, supervised work experience component into the undergraduate engineering degree program. Jobs are sourced locally, nationally and internationally and placements can be in field, office, research, or industry environments.

    Co-op is offered in all engineering disciplines. Admission to the Co-op program is competitive and based on academic performance in students’ first year.

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  • October 2018 feature program

    Feature program: Advanced Field Experience

    Bachelor of Education students have the opportunity to complete their final field placement at one of four Alberta curriculum schools around the world including in Bermuda, China, Cambodia, and Mexico.

    While all Education students must complete a minimum of 14 weeks of student teaching during their degree, completing a field experience abroad provides students with a unique learning opportunity.

    Rebecca reflected on her time abroad as a huge learning experience, which prepared her to start her first full year of teaching in her own Grade 4 classroom: “What I didn't foresee was the way this opportunity made my resume stand out. I think administration teams, when seeing the international AFX on my resume attributed with things like resilience and fortitude, as well as a willingness to try new things.”

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  • September 2018 feature program

    Feature program: Work Experience Program

    The Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES) Internship Program provides U of A students with an excellent opportunity to apply knowledge gained in academic studies to the workplace through a full time, paid 4, 8, 12 or 16 month internship experience. Students in the ALES Internship Program have opportunities to work with industry leaders exclusive to the program. Benefits of participating in this program include expanding contacts in one's professional field, exploring future employment opportunities, developing interpersonal and professional skills, earning an income, receiving career development support for the U of A Career Centre, and getting a head start in one's career! Other career-related learning opportunities in the Faculty of ALES include the Human Ecology practicum program and dietetic internship.

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  • June 2018 feature program

    Feature program: Business with a Marketing Major

    Marketing combines a strong analytical mind with a creative flair and an ability to connect and communicate with people. In this major you will learn about consumer behavior, how to conduct research to identify customer needs, new product development, and how to communicate using new and traditional media. Learn more»

  • May 2018 feature program

    Feature program: UAlberta Law

    Do you know a student interested in law school? The law affects much of what we do in our everyday lives; it is essential to shaping the communities we live in. Should schools have the power to make students wear uniforms? Should cloning humans be legal? Can a school principal search students’ lockers? All of these questions involve the law. 

    Many law school graduates practice with private firms or in government or the courts, but there are a number of non-traditional career options also available, including in labour relations, law reform, education, sports and entertainment, and business. Although career opportunities in law are unique and endless, one common theme is that lawyers advocate on behalf of a client or cause they believe in. 

    UAlberta Law is one of Canada's top law schools, and is now among the top 100 law schools worldwide, according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2018 by subject. For more information on becoming a lawyer, visit the Faculty of Law and follow us @UAlbertaLaw on Twitter and Instagram.

  • April 2018 feature program

    Feature program: Computer Engineering

    Computer engineers don’t just sit at desks staring at monitors all day; they create the technologies that shape our modern world. Smarter software, faster Internet, or computers in the palm of your hand: computer engineers play a significant role in all of them.

    Computer engineers deal with the design, implementation, analysis, and testing of hardware and software for computing systems. Unlike computer scientists who deal primarily with software, computer engineers must have a strong understanding of computers as physical devices and of the software that drives them. Because of this, computer engineers can be considered equal parts electrical engineer and computer scientist.

    Graduates of the University of Alberta’s Computer Engineering program may work in software development, telecommunications, hardware design, nanotechnology, circuit and microprocessor design, or a host of other computer-related careers. Many students also go on to graduate studies in more specific areas of computer engineering.

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  • March 2018 feature program

    Feature program: Campus Saint Jean - Education

    With the large influx and interest in French language education in Alberta, teachers who are able to teach in French are needed more than ever. Our education program is well positioned to respond to the educational demand in Alberta and throughout Western Canada.

    CSJ students are taught not only how to teach, but also how to be transmitters of culture — a key component in the acquisition of a new language. 

    For students coming from a French Immersion background, this program provides them with the opportunity to further discover French culture while learning the skills they need to teach Western Canada's youth. For students with a Francophone background, the program presents them with new perspectives on Canadian Francophonie and the diversity therein. 

    These opportunities are offered in the form of our four-year bachelor's degree, five-year combined Science/Education degree and the two-year after degree.

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