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Cordelius is a Conservation Biology student from Denmark. He found a community of like-minded people at Climate Justice Edmonton, through which he helped organize youth climate strikes in the city. Cordelius was also a recipient of the Maple Leaf Centenary Scholarship and the International Maple Leaf Entrance Leadership Scholarship. Check out @ualbertastudents on Instagram for more student stories.

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The University of Alberta is home to a friendly community of over 7,200 international students, including many just like you who have completed their high school in Canada. In total, over 40,000 Canadian and international students study together at our welcoming and diverse campuses.

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The University of Alberta is a multi-campus university, with three main teaching campuses, each with its own atmosphere and focus. Check out our Campus Tours page to explore our campuses with tours and presentations.

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Live on campus and get more out of your university experience; benefit from support and opportunities geared toward your success.

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From immigration and academic advising, to health care and mental wellness, to business and mentorship networks, your success at the U of A is everyone’s goal. Here are some of the resources available on campus:

Getting you Ready for Great Things

Did you know that you can get real-world work experience and participate in ground-breaking research while you study? Co-ops, practicums, and internships are available in all direct-entry faculties, and the Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) and Faculty-led field schools provide opportunities for undergrad students to participate in and lead research projects. Find out about these and more opportunities to test your knowledge and put it into practice. 

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Admission to the U of A

Admission Requirements

All undergraduate programs are open to international students with the exception of the Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy programs and have the same course and grade requirements as for Canadian students. 

English Language Proficiency

All UAlberta students are required to have English Language Proficiency (ELP) in order to be granted admission.

Bridging Program

The Bridging Program (BP) is for students who meet all admission requirements for their program except for the ELP requirement. Students can improve their academic English skills and fulfil the ELP requirement by taking English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses while earning credits. After completing BP, you will continue as a full-time undergraduate student. 

Study Permits

You must apply for a new study permit to attend university in Canada – even if you already have a study permit for high school. Learn more on the Government of Canada CIC website.

Tuition & Scholarships

Scholarships & Awards

Our Maple Leaf scholarships are specifically offered to international students in Canada and recognize outstanding academic achievement.

Admission-based Scholarships

You might receive a scholarship you didn’t even have to apply for. Eligibility for these awards is based on your admission average at the time of your admission offer. 

  • Gold Standard Scholarship — The top 5% of students in each faculty could receive up to $6,000, depending on admission average. 
  • International Student Scholarship — Students with superior academics in high school may receive a scholarship up to $9,000, payable over four years. 
  • Maple Leaf First-Year Excellence — Students attending high school in Canada on a study permit with an admission average of 80%+ could receive a scholarship of $1,000.

Application-based Scholarships

Fill out a single application and we will assess your eligibility based on your background, experiences, academics, and interests. 

  • Scholastic Distinction for International Students — High school students in Canada on a study permit, with superior academic achievement, may receive $30,000 over four years.
  • International Entrance Leadership Scholarship — Well-rounded leaders with superior academics may receive up to $5,000. 
  • Maple Leaf Centenary Scholarship — Students attending high school in Canada on a study permit, with superior achievement and leadership qualities, may receive up to $20,000, payable over four years.

Tuition Guarantee

As an international student from abroad or already in Canada on a study permit, you will receive a tuition guarantee based on the program you are applying for. This means each year, your tuition will remain the same, for the typical length of the program you were accepted into. All other fees are subject to change and will be calculated on an annual basis. 

Estimate your costs for the first year using our Cost Calculator. Please note that international students in Canada are required to pay international tuition fees. 

Connect with Us

Support for international students starts before you study at the U of A. From online information sessions and workshops to virtual advising specifically for international students in Canada, we will support you throughout your application process.