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U of A Family
Allyson and Darryl are UAlberta alumni and parents to three children at various stages of their academics at the U of A - Abigail ‘25, Riley ‘21, Madison ‘20.

Admissions Information

Key Dates and Deadlines 

See all key dates at a glance for 2021-22 to help your student prepare to apply.

Program Listings

We offer a wide range of programs suited to a variety of career goals and aspirations. Use our Program Tool to explore the possibilities and find the right path for your learner. 

Admission Requirements

Students can check general and program-specific academic requirements, as well as additional requirements, such as portfolios, auditions, or written statements.

Support Your Student

University can be a big leap for students, as they try to balance the expectations of parents, professors, and even themselves. Start the discussion now about grade expectations, extracurricular involvement, and work hours.

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We’re Here to Help

We can put you in touch with faculty and program advisors, and we also offer admissions advising at many of our events throughout the year. Connect with an advisor

Let Your Student Discover
Programs with a general first year of study give your student time to discover their aptitudes and interests. It’s also quite normal for students to change majors and programs during their degree. Encourage them to explore their options and keep an open mind.
Start with a Schedule

A 40- to 60-hour "workweek" is typical, as students can expect at least one to two hours of reading and assignments for every hour spent in lectures or labs.

Encourage your student to build study time and breaks into their schedule, maintain a manageable workload, stay on top of their assignments, and access the many services and supports that are available to them.

Reinforcements are Ready

From getting ready to apply to helping your student through their degree, the university community is committed to supporting you and your student at every stage of the journey. 


Students have access to a network of services ranging from tutoring and academic advising, to health care and mental wellness, to student-led organizations and support groups. Here are just a few of the resources available to students:

Family Orientation for Parents & Supporters

Attend an early orientation session with your student to learn about how the transition to university can affect your student, how you can support your student, and what services are available on campus. Family Orientation programs are available to parents, guardians, supporters and any newly admitted student.

Residence move in

Campus Life

Home Away from Home

Living in residence is a great way for students to get a head start and build a support network. Lister Centre, on North Campus, is designed especially for first-year students and offers many services to help them successfully transition to university life. 

Campus safety

University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) patrol our campuses 24 hours a day, and first responders such as fire, police, and ambulance service our community. 

Emergencies at the University of Alberta are rare, and all university staff work hard to foster a safe and supportive learning environment year-round.

Residence safety

Residence Services also employs a wide variety of security measures in conjunction with UAPS, including ID checkpoints, door buzzers and proximity access cards, security cameras, single-button emergency contact through any campus payphone, and 24-hour on-call Residence Services staff.

Safewalk provides students with a free and safe alternative to walking alone at night. Male and female chaperones will escort students anywhere around the university community and within five blocks of any LRT station.
Emergency notifications
Our Emergency Notification System is a robust and comprehensive service that can quickly alert students and staff of emergencies no matter where they are, via several media, including email, text, and phone.

Communications Policy

Official correspondence regarding admissions and awards will occur online through our student portals, with key notifications sent via email. Few, if any, correspondence will be sent via regular mail. The university holds students responsible for ensuring messages sent to their student email accounts are reviewed and acted on promptly. 

Privacy Policy

Official correspondence between the university and students is privileged. The university is unable, by law, to disclose students’ personal or academic information to anyone else, including their parents and family members, without the students’ prior written consent. 

The applicant needs to complete, sign, and submit this Informed Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information form to authorize the Office of the Registrar to disclose their personal information to another person, designated agent or agency, legal counsel, or others. The form must be submitted to Student Service Centre directly from the student. 

Learn more about the University of Alberta Information and Privacy Office guidelines pursuant to Alberta's FOIP Act.