Discover U of A


Get ready to discover why you should find a way to the U of A! “Discover U of A” is your chance to find out what you can study, what campus you should study at, what career opportunities are out there, and what happens after class!

This event is for grade 10 and 11 students and will take place online over two evenings. But it won't be your typical Zoom meeting—expect an authentic look at academic and social life at the U of A. You can choose to attend both evenings, all the sessions—or just a few!

Thank you for attending Discover U of A. Check back next year for event details.

Discover What Makes Us Great

We are a Top 5 university in Canada and Top 150 in the world. See why our opportunities for undergraduates are renowned and one of the reasons they go on to achieve great things.

Kevin Liang
Discover Student Life

Ready for a slice of student life? Go on some adventures with Guba (one of our U of A mascots) as he navigates some very typical student experiences.

Discover How Clever You Are

We’ve been nurturing great minds since 1908—will you be one of them? But just for fun—are you a solver, puzzler, or codebreaker?