Open House

Open House Exhibitors

Help prospective students discover their place at the U of A by booking your exhibitor booth and planning your programming now!

Open House is the largest recruitment event of the year, with over 100 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees packing the Butterdome in 2016. Year after year, our exhibitors – faculties, departments, services, and university-affiliated organizations – set up interactive booths, host presentations, and put on special events throughout campus.

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018
Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Location: Butterdome, Van Vliet Complex

Why be a part of Open House?

Open House 2018 anticipates welcoming thousands of attendees who are considering future studies at the U of A. The event primarily attracts high school students from across Western Canada. However, a cross-section of attendees from various demographics, including mid-career learners, teachers, parents, counsellors, and the general public are present as well.

Media and promotion

Open House 2018 will be advertised in the Capital Region. Last year, our media campaign consisted of transit, online, social media, television, and electronic billboards in Edmonton and area, as well as direct mail to schools across Canada. A tool kit is provided to all exhibitors with social media images, sitecore banners, and suggested messaging for you to promote the event across your channels.

How to make the most of Open House

In addition to the very popular and busy booth fair, there are a number of other ways to reap the benefits of having so many prospective students on campus. 

Information sessions: Faculty and department presentations are a major highlight for Open House participants. This is your opportunity to showcase your programs to a large group of interested guests in a focused, quiet atmosphere. Schedule a presentation when you register online for Open House, and it will be listed in the Open House Program Guide.

Special events: Demonstrations and other interactive opportunities are excellent ways to engage guests outside of the Butterdome. We know your program and/or service has much more to offer beyond the booth. Include your special event’s information with your registration and the details will be added to the Open House program.

Facility tours: Building and lab tours are a great way to show off your facilities to prospective students! Include your facility tour information with your registration and details will be added to the Open House program.

Top six suggestions for exhibitors

  • Beyond the booth
    Schedule presentations and special events for Open House for guests to experience your programs beyond your booth.
  • Interactivity
    Find ways to interactive with your guests! Games, experiments, and the unexpected will draw attention to your booth and help you look dynamic.
  • Layout
    Consider reimaging your booth to allow for conversation, easy flow of traffic, and access to your information, resources, and take-aways.
  • Memorable take-aways
    Interesting promotional items can offer an incentive to those who visit your booth, is a proven traffic booster, and will help them remember you after the event has passed.
  • Variety of representatives
    Provide a variety of representatives: current students, professors, upper administration, alumni, and program/recruitment staff. Ensure that your booth is staffed at all times.
  • Visually appealing booths
    The most visually appealing booths include pop-up banners, posters, photos, signage, decor, and colour. Many resources are available on campus, such as the print shop and SUBprint to help make your booth stand out.