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Transfer Leadership Scholarship

Value: up to $20,000

Leadership Scholarships recognize students who demonstrate exceptional leadership involvement through university and community activities while maintaining satisfactory academic standing on a full-time course load.

Opening application date: March 1, 2018
Deadline to apply: May 23, 2018


In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must demonstrate exceptional leadership through school and community involvement while maintaining strong academic standing. A reference letter will also be required.

Academic requirements

Candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

  • GPA of at least 2.0 on a full time course load during the previous academic year. For more details see courseload requirements and award definitions.
  • Admissible to your program of choice.
  • Entering full-time studies in an undergraduate or professional program at the University of Alberta beginning in the following September.

Leadership requirements:

The following are guidelines only; final evaluation of eligibility for this scholarship will be made by a selection committee based on the applicant’s specific qualifications and reference letter, and weighed competitively against the applicant pool.

Leadership is more than participation in extracurricular activities. We are looking for well-rounded leaders who demonstrate strong leadership abilities and depth of involvement in their communities. A well-rounded leader will:

  • Demonstrate involvement in university or community organizations, sports, cultural, political activities, or other groups
  • Hold key leadership roles
  • Participate in a variety of activities
  • Take initiative
  • Have both community and school involvement
  • Have become progressively more involved over time
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment
  • Have a well rounded distribution of leadership activities that span across years in post-secondary

How to apply

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Awards administered by faculties or external organizations will have separate paper-based or online application forms. 

Notification and acceptance

Applicants will be notified in July. If you are offered this award, the My Awards section of Bear Tracks will be updated and you will receive an email notification. 

To find out more about how to accept and receive your award, please see Information for Award Recipients.

About this award

Leadership Scholarships are funded by the University of Alberta, our faculties, and our donors. As an applicant, you only need to apply to the scholarship competition; you will then be assessed for your eligibility for individual awards. Should you receive an offer, the specific awards you receive will be posted in Bear Tracks.

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