Residence Options

We've got room for you with a guaranteed spot*

Lister Hall (North Campus)

Lister Hall is our main first-year residence, with five towers housing 1,800 students, including the newest tower - Thelma Chalifoux Hall - which just opened in fall 2018. Rooms in Lister offer great views of the campus and the city.

Residence Saint-Jean

Our francophone campus offers an immersive residence where you can appreciate the architecture of the historic building and no two rooms are alike — and every room is private.

Augustana Residence

All first-year students at Augustana live in residence. You'll enjoy an immersive social dormitory environment in the centre of campus.

Customize your residence experience

Live on a Cohort Floor with fellow Arts, Engineering, Nursing, Education, or Science students, or choose one of our "niche" floors: Quiet or Alcohol-Free.

Basecamp orientation

Moving out on your own and starting university are two big life changes that deserve our full support! With Basecamp orientation, you'll move in one week before classes start, meet your floormates, explore campus, and learn about all of the resources available to help you succeed in your first year and beyond.

Dodgeball for days

Lister is home to the famous Lister Dodgeball League — a huge year-long tournament that 85% of Lister residents play in. It's a great way to make friends and stay active!