Study Abroad

Expand your mind by exploring the world

With 300+ programs in 40 countries and over $500,000 in funding available, it's no wonder that 1 in 8 UAlberta students study abroad during their degree.

Wanderlusts rejoice

There are hundreds of study abroad programs available. Here are just a few:

Play Around the World
Promote physical activity to children of all abilities, with placements available in dozens of countries.
Archaeological field school
Uncover the treasures and secrets of past civilizations with archaeological digs in Greece and Italy.
Southern African field school
Join fellow science students at this field school to study wildlife and marine ecology.

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Cortona campus 

Each year, hundreds of UAlberta students study abroad at our campus in Cortona, Italy, where UAlberta professors conduct regular classroom lectures in English on topics ranging from Renaissance Art to Roman Civilization to Political Science. But you won't just be attending lectures: you'll be immersing yourself in a cultural experience.