Student Life

Student ambassadors hanging out in Quad

The University of Alberta is home to over 39,000 students, including 7,000 international students and 1,300 Indigenous students.

Second year mechanical engineering students partaking in their MECE 260 design competition in April 2019

We Stick Together!

Whether you are reinventing yourself and experiencing new things, or honing in on your passion with fellow enthusiasts⁠-you'll find a welcoming community to support you.

Student groups

With over 400 student clubs to choose from, like the Hide-and-Seek Club, the Powerlifting Club, and the Musicians' Club, it's likely that you'll join more than one.

Campus supports

University can be a transformative experience and you'll find support with organizations like:

AntiFreeze Sled Race in 2017

We'll Keep You Busy!

Whether you're attending a concert on campus or cheering on the Golden Bears and Pandas⁠-we can keep you busy!

Campus events

You could be joining in to celebrate diversity or embracing the weird and wonderful traditions that are unique to the U of A - either way we have an event for you!

Intramural sports

You can stay active by joining an intramurals team. They have everything from ice hockey to ultimate frisbee, and innertube water polo!

Varsity sports

Catch a Golden Bears or Pandas game - students have free admission to all regular-season home games!