Crowdfunding Model

Requirements and Process

Interested teams must apply and be accepted. Part of the acceptance process includes confirming that their project aligns with University of Alberta charitable giving guidelines and ethics.

For a $5,000 campaign, you'll need a core group of 12. Leadership training for five student leaders takes eight to ten hours. Student leaders then recruit seven champions, who commit to an hour training session which sets them up as fundraisers for the project. On average, the network of each champion will raise $500. For a larger campaign goal, the number of champions needs to increase to scale.

One faculty advisor is required for each team. They are welcome to participate in any and all training, but it is not necessary for them to attend. They are also welcome to participate as a champion. The faculty member must be in good standing and will act as the signing authority on the university's project account.

Step one


Step two

Interview with USEED about your project and the resources you have to run a fundraising campaign.

Step three

When your project is approved to proceed, your team leaders meet with USEED for training and to put together the content of your campaign. This training takes approximately eight hours.

Step four

Your team leaders put together the campaign and recruit champions, your supporters who will help you spread the word. Champions commit to about one hour of training and to sharing project updates with their personal network.

Step five

When your project is approved to launch, your campaign goes live and the fundraising fun begins!

Step six

Thanking your supporters and provide them with ongoing updates about your project